Poems from DeMaree

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I just want to create my own realistic world and invite people into it. I have learnd that with pain there is refinement, and the greatest lesson of all is learning to be alone but never lonely. Welcome to my world of poetry where you will find who I am.
I went to look at myself in the mirror And I saw no reflection  Because my fist met the glass earlier that day... And now broken shattered...
Whatever is true And whatever is right like you and me Just like your fingerprints that are tatted on my skin invisibly
You freeze to death in the sun and you also sweat in the snow  I guess thats what happens when your heart is mixed up on where to go
Just when I looked into your kaleidoscope eyes I knew that you had turned with the world to.
Your poisonous smile kills you slowly because of the world in which you see through tainted eyes So if you want to scream... do it... and...