Poems from AngelP

Hello world of poetry! I utilize poetry as an escape from the stresses of my life, but more importantly because I love the way re-reading one of my written poems feels. It's like feeling what's really going on inside my cranium, the talent, the drive, the need to just spill loose thoughts. All of my poems are spontaneous bursts of thought that happen without much consensus to anything else I'm doing at the time. So enjoy and give feedback!
So this is empty How nice. I feel like stabbing myself because I'm convinced I wouldn't feel anything More extravagant than this Heaviness
I saw my shadow for the first time  And didn't believe it was mine Just some girl Following behind   As both our hearts break politely
I miss the play, it will never sound the same.  Gone. I miss the air of you. The chase, and silence screams gone!  I miss.
Through a set of solar eclipse eyes over the ocean, I see.   The blue hue enhances every emotion, the tears especially vibrant in their...
I need to write a poem. It itches. My skin crawls like a butterfly pupa warped beneath a cacoon ready to burst magnificent colors into the...