The Zoo

The Zoo


My classroom is a zoo containing many

Diverse individuals


I observe the pretentious lions

In the center of the room

The kings and queens of the jungle

Their perfect golden manes showcase their

Malicious, cynical glances

Their judgmental attitude never fails to make any of the

Lesser animals feel anything but



I observe the wise owls scattered on the

Left side of the room

Their formal demeanor makes the erudites the

Source of almost all answers

Their analytical attitude fuels the accusatory glances

Towards the people they feel are



I observe the humorous hyenas garbled on the

Right side of the room

Their sulking around the habitat showcases

A bitter outlook on the future

Their effusive laughter cuts like a knife causing people to feel



My classroom is a zoo containing many

Diverse individuals


Guide that inspired this poem: 


I don't write poetry very often, but I do enjoy it.

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