You only write once is a very true statement. My generation is motivated by money, power, and respect. My hunger was always driven by intellect. A good education is something intangible that can't be taken away. But whats important to me is I write my very best. I want to achieve things to make my mom proud. I want to be heard. I want to live out loud. I want to write as a Christian would. I want my sentences to make people feel good. They say nothing is written in stone. I disagree. When you write the words stick for an eternity. They live on long after your gone. The written word heals hearts and starts wars. It builds friendships and is powerful enough to ruin kinships. I write carefully but not fearfully. I want to write my best make my mom proud. Look myself in the mirror and smile though not for vain reasons but because of my  character I'm proud. You only write once and by write I mean live. We are all writing a story whiter we are conscious of this or not. There isn't a sequel to my life so I'm going to write it with all the patience, love, and respect I can fit into my life's plot.


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