When i was younger i was a loner. I know its hard to beleive but its true. In Elementary school i was anobody. Thankfully i met someone who had just moved in the my school. Her name was Nancy. She became popular instatntly. She was very nice and everyone wanted to talk to her. One day i was sitting alone in lunch and she randomly decided to sit by me. She said hello and me being the shy one didnt say anything. I only smiled. She offered me her cookie from her lunch. I smiled and accepted her offer. Since then weve been best friends. She is an amazing person. She doesnt care what anybody thinks of her. I admire her and her courage. Last year she moved schools. I was sad of course. I didnt know what to do without her. She was always there for me. We still keep in contact and she tells me how she misses me. I sometimes see her but its really rare. she lives far away. Im doing okay without her but i feel like i would do better with her hear. Now i have nobody to talk about guys or my problems. It just seems.. empty i guess. I try my best to contact her online. We talk everyday and I love how she is still always there for me. Im happy to say that our long distance friendship is doing great. 

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