You've Changed


I'm still the same old me

Why can't you see that I

Am the good guy here

I don't try to deny that I'm weird

But only if you just tried and listened with your ears


You imply I don't speak the truth

But your slanderous pursuit

Lookis like you're ready to shoot like I'm the criminal

But who here is really despicable?

Mocking others like it's nutritional


Every week you guzzle down a bottle of pinnacle

I can piece together the puzzle of why you're so miserable

You're alone

The next time you're drunk on patron

And call my phone I won't pick up


So go ahead down whatever's left in your cup

What you'll find is there won't be enough

Life is tough without your friends

I'd reccomend

Not to judge others without first judging yourself


Help is on the way but you don't like it when I speed

If that's what you want

And that's what you really need

Please proceed with your misdeeds

Maybe take a couple more puffs of being free


And we'll see who succeeds

I hope you graduate and get your degree

So you can navigate through the misconceived notions

I'm not just a droplet of water in the ocean

Or another door to be opened


Maybe you'll discover you are on the floor coping

It'll take some time before

You notice I was something more

But I never changed 

You have


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