But You're Young

The Fibromyalgia Fun Pack!

Includes, widespread pain, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety,

muscle spasms, cognitive or memory impairment,

chronic fatigue,insomnia,

But you can help cure it today for only…

Wait you’re here for arthritis? Oh thats in the main room

And yeah I just walk like this I-


I know they don’t mean to be mean but,

I just can’t help but feel a little bit jealous

that we’re searching through everything else with a fine tooth comb overzealous

and I'm just here looking for my pins and needles in the haystack with nothing else to do but



"What's wrong with you?"

I'd rather hear those words a million times



and over again

Than be stared at

just like an animal in the zoo.

Because I'm human!

All over the fact that I don't look sick.

But the validity of a disability

Shouldn't have anything to do with visibility

I shouldn't’ have to prove to you that I



I'm late again

As I sit down in my desk you turn,

You ask why I'm never marked late

As if it were your business

I don't even know you!

I get extra time, I have a 504 for Fibromyalgia I explain.

And I get a stare almost as blank as your paper


Lucky? I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy

I stand up to turn on the light

and I'm lightheaded.

To try to balance out the blunt unfairness,

I write letters to leaders to try to raise awareness

So like my joints, my pen goes


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