You're Still Here

Dear Jake,

When the last glimpse of hope is too far in the distance for you to reach


Remember that you have braved the clench of depression

Remember that you have climbed out of the hole of isolation

Remember that you have gone one on one with the face of abandonment

Hooked punched kicked and knee’d

You defeated the demon known as “Solitary Confinement”

Confined by the fear of disappointing your peers and parents

Confined by the missing friends you’ve built a home out of

Confined by the walls built by others who wouldn’t let you in

Even so you have let them walk in and over you so many times

You're still here

and You’re still ready to help

You’re still waiting to find the beauty in the ugliest of anything

and you will

But don’t forget to smile

Grin and flex your lips to peel them off your teeth and shine your imperfections

Let people know that even if you're still down, you're standing up

You’re standing up for the people who couldn’t stand with you today

But know, that even if that’s the case, when we stood together, it was everything

and everything has an end, but an end is a chance for a new beginning

The beginning of a sunrise is as beautiful as the ending of a sunset

The ending of a sunset is as beautiful as the stars that shine after

and when you find yourself gazing at the stars

Count them

Count each one for each friend that helped you become the man you are today

Count each one for each story you're going to tell your children

You were the reason that so many people have smiled and laughed-

So why can’t you

You have felt the ax of abandonment assault your body many times before

This is the pain you’ve come to know and protect yourself against

You have felt the boulder of burden bring your body to a halt

This is the “obligation” you carry on your shoulders

None of that matters


Listen to the breath of the beautiful people who cherish and love you

Stop, breathe, and remember

You matter

Step back from the next mistake you’re about to commit

You’ve grown

and you’re loved

This is the reality that you can’t see

This is a letter to remind myself of who you are and who you used to be

Sincerely, Jake


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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