You're Poison

You’re poison 

But I can’t help but consume you 


To me your noxious fumes are 


To me your venomous bite are 

Euphoric kisses 

To me the arsenic wine you pour into my lips is 

Water, alkaline 


For the longest time I believed your innocent act 

And all that time you were talking behind my back 


But you’re the one that’s hurt in this situation? 

I beg to differ, that was my reputation! 


Maybe you could jog my memory, 

I thought in this “great” nation, that was something called deception

Nicknamed “betrayal” 

I thought you didn’t know her, but that’s none of my business. 


Now, I don’t have any patience. 

The only thing I’m looking forward to are my emancipations. 


Maybe you should check your list. 

Ya see you gotta start from the top and go down just like this


so since you’re going alphabetically, 

It definitely ain’t me! 


Remember, the last names Smith. 

I’ll be at the bottom of the list,

So find a new heart to mess around with. 


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