You're not killing trees if you get lost in an enchanted forest.

There go another 20 grand toward - college. 

"Hey, have you guys seen my immortal soul anywhere?"

"Go check the library. Then again, it probably went dumpster-diving."

"Where's Ebola?" "I bet your soul has it!" *Snickering*

It's funny how some people think there are slim pickings - in College.

The conservative Catholic says, "The cream of the crop has already been harvested!"

I bet you found that phrase in a barn, it's so full of bullshit!

Just go to the library and bug some cute chick - it worked for me.

(Well, one hot librarian dude, at any rate. Disney movies forge bonds, people.)

How many nights we spend worrying over the state of our economy, our healthcare system,

When we have endless reading material, tucked away in libraries.

But then again, I might have found my soulmate at Ultimate Frisbee practice.

One does not find their Herculean counterpart any old day- or do they?

I wonder how Jason is doing, or David, or...


So another 20K are forwarded to Corporate America.

I'm putting effort into some career, in a city that does nothing but sleep.

A train passes, wakes me in the witching hours.

"Did you hear that-" "UGH, ALL my LIFE I've lived next to TRAINS."

Oh, okay. My great-grandfather lived by a subway station his whole life in America,

Brooklynite, picking cherries and figs from his trees until he was too ill to keep going.

It's the stories people never tell anyone, not even to their diaries,

Which really give you hints as to who they are.


See you later, 40K. Maybe you're onto something.

Screw this crap, I'm going to the library. All the cool kids do.





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