You're Loosing Yourself

You’re Losing Yourself

Age steals your time and mind
You’ll feel lost looking for what you’ll never find
Walking through the house not recognizing a thing
Don’t even know it when you whisper or sing

Sleep is your comfort but also your enemy
Don’t know whether to blame time or PTSD
You scream in your sleep and talk in different tongues
From the days you were troubled and young

Dismissing every issue that comes to you
Skipping out on the therapy needed too
You try hiding it like a classified document
Like the time you’ve spent in occident

You act like talking about it isn’t an option
But the misery leaves you in a distortion
How can I help, what can I do, please tell me the truth
But you say nothing erases time, not even the fountain of youth

You built a life, please don’t leave it behind
Together we can find your peace of mind
Don’t let this control you
I can’t loose you too

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My family
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Jan Wienen

Thank you

Annette M Velasquez

This is an emotionally- packed, poignant poem. It speaks truth and sheds light on a serious issue. Your use of rhyme was effective. Please take a look at my posts- This is a poem, January 2014, Ars Poetics etc. and feel free to comment.

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