You're An Irreplaceable Treasure

Other loves have tried to seduce me,
But they just couldn’t charm my heart.

Ever since I surrendered to your love,
Nobody else can enthuse and excite me.

Other beauties have caught my eye,
But they're not as pretty as you, Fíona.

There’s no woman for me but you.
I can’t succeed without you loving me.

Other arms have held me affectionately,
But I’d rather be embraced by your arms.

Tears have flowed down other cheeks,
But they don’t add up to my tears.

I’ve cried countless times since you left.
My love for you just refuses to expire.

If I could be with you for a thousand years,
The love in my heart would remain new.

Without a doubt, nothing can replace you.
Darling, you're an irreplaceable treasure.


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