You're Gone

Your love meant everything to me.
You were the only woman on my mind,
But you secretly walked out on me.
Oh, I couldn’t see this coming?
I gave you all the things you requested.
Baby, I can’t believe you’re gone.
I stand here alone with my lament.
Even though you’re out of sight,
You’ll never be out of my thoughts.
And nothing can replace your warmth.

Cheerio, I miss you, my precious gem.
But I bid farewell to the one I love.
We had a love that I thought could work.
On the contrary, it ended woefully.
I’m used to having you around every day.
It’s so hard to accept that you’re gone.
We were supposed to get married in mid-July.
You changed your mind in June somehow.
I don’t know why you jilted me,
But I hope the tide will bring back my fiancée.

Sadly, you left me without a warning.
I thought I’d never see this day.
Sometimes I daydream about your love.
And I live in a make-believe world.
Don’t be surprised if it happens to you.
That’s what the loss of a true love will do.
I’m so tired of talking myself to sleep,
Pretending that you’re here with me.
I repeat the words that made you tingle.
And I memorise the things you told me.

Baby, my heart is not made of stone.
Why did you break your promises to me?
You’ll soon meet another young man
And captivate him with your beauty,
But you’re going to miss me before long.
He’ll take advantage of you and depart.
And you’ll be angry with yourself for leaving me.
You know that I still care for you,
So someday you’ll decide to come back.


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