Your Significant Other


White Plains NY
United States

Let the world know how you feel about your significant other

Hold hands, show them and your friends you’re in it until the end

Not the end as in 6 months then split, not just in bed just to hit

But show them that love is what you make of it

No matter what you may go through you can take it

Not fake it until you make it

Give each other the attention, the love and affection

In all four seasons, no matter the weather

If a purge breaks out, show them you two are riding together

Will & Jada, Hov & Queen B, Brad & Jolie

You don't need to be famous to show the world that you’re in love if you ask me

No side dudes, No side chicks, just you, your mate and Netflix

You'll go under and over for them, open doors, buy roses just for them

You'll have doubters, so when people ask about you two to them

They'll have no choice but to answer

That you really love your significant other

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