Your new friend


Hi new friend

Tell me how ya doin’

Very pleased to meet you

My name is Influence

Do you believe in me?

I’m sure you don’t

But I’ll show you some things

Your parents won’t!

Don’t be caged in

You wanna feel free

Experience somethin’ new

Just follow me

But first get the look

You gotta look cool, try to blend in

So let’s spend some money

And just follow my trends

With ya pants so low

You take charge and might

And ya figure just shines

With ya skirt that tight

Run my drug game

Like it’s “New Jack City”

Let me help you roll up

Visit cloud 9 with me

You ever tried drinkin’

Have a sip ‘a’ vodka

I know where we can get it

We can get it from your mama

See that fine girl

She reads one night stand

You spot that guy

You think he’s ya man

There’s not a thought of safe sex

Naw baby that’s unreal

Grow up from the innocence

Try somethin’ you can feel

Who needs school

When ya this street wise

This is all so true

Now why would I tell lies

But I don’t teach punks

Be a real hitta’

Show that guy who’s tougher

And slowly pull that trigga’

What you mess up doesn’t matter

I take your life as scrimmage

And when the world looks at you

You’re an influenced image

Now don’t cry to me

When you’re life messes up

You enjoyed my adventures

You never had enough

You followed me

And I don’t follow rules

I took you in

And played you like a fool

Now it’s time I hit the road

And find somebody new

Have a nice life

And I bid you ado

Hi new friend

Tell me how you doin’

Very pleased to meet ya

My name is influence.

-Marche Stollenwerck




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