Your Monster

Don't let anyone put you down, don't let anyone hurt you.

Don't just lay ther and take it. Stand up. FIGHT IT!

just some advice my dad gives.


But meaning comes from action.

When you get called a skank or whore because you didn't jump to a chore.

When you get called retarded because you didn't throw open a door.

You have to take it.



Because it is disrespectful to hit your father.

But when did it become okay to abuse your daughter


Don't slap me in the face then tell me you love me, right


Your words cut like a knife that cuts deeper and deeper; like a slap that gets sharper as it gets brighter


You're suppose to be my hero-  the one to wipe away my tears, not cause them

You are suppose to be my hero-  the one who lifts away my pain, not force it


Don't beat me to the ground with your excuses to cover my internal bruises-

Your voice cuts like a knife. "Hi" sounds like the start of a fight.

What did I do, to turn this into World War II


I'm sorry I'm not perfect- sorry I wasn't a son- sorry I'm not as strong


But just because I look weak. Or feeble. That doesnt mean I have no worth.


I am a person. I have value.

And one day- when you look at me.

You will not see me.

You won't see your daughter.

Instead you'll see your monster.



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