Your Hands


United States
28° 11' 38.6124" N, 82° 43' 45.5484" W

Your hands are like flames as they touch my skin, burning me making my skin crawl.
I am silent. I will not give in to the screams that wish to release from my vocals.
Your hands burn as they slide against my ivory skin leaving only raw flesh behind.
I can see through your lies, I know your hate for my kind.
Every second I am with you apart of me dies, as I remember that it is you who destroys me.
Your hands burn my skin as you lift my face and say you love me.
Pain erupts through my chest for the lie you have spoken cannot be folded up and tucked away.
I know you and your hands, They were once soft and gentle but now after three years I know.
I know their secrets and I know your lies. I know where these hands have been and they are no longer soft or gentle. Your hands are now a burning flame, and as they slide against my skin. All I can think is I hate your hands the way you hate me and what I am.

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