Your Favorite


All you know is she's so perfect

All you hear are the right answers coming out of her mouth

All you see is her dazzling smile

But what if you really knew her?

What if you were there when she pushed that not-so-perfect girl

Against the lockers and told her she was a nothing--a worthless nobody with no friends?

Would she still be the sweet example girl in your class?

Would she still be at the top of your 'Students To Brag On'  list

If you would hear the mean, sarcastic remarks she makes if your outfit is less than fabulous?

Would you still be so easily ready to excuse that tardy that she insists she has a 'good reason' for?

If you were there when she 'accidentally' bumped into that nerd in the hallway and sneered

As his books went sprawling across the floor

Would she still be your nomination for 'Student of the Month'?

They say teachers don't have favorites

But we both know that's a lie

The truth is that that girl you see as 'the perfect student'

Is really only perfect in one way

And that's knowing how to get under your skin so that

Nobody'll dare bring up this sh*t you can't say to your teacher.






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