Your Daughter the Lotus Flower

I am your very own flesh and blood

Your eyes

Your hair

Your hands

I share them

You say that I’m the mirror image of you

But I am nothing like you

You are cruel

I am the sunlight


You try to put me out

You try to cover me in tar

But I promise I will grow back

Covered in mud

but still beautiful


You told me to be strong

Because there were monsters in the world

But who knew that the monster I would have to face

Was you


You brought me into this world

But I wish you hadn’t

I love you

As a friend

Not a mother

I am the product of your fear and insecurity


Your words ruined me

They snuck into my skin and into my head

They made a home inside of me

I am the victim of your coldness



Just like the lotus flower

I am growing from your mud

I am stronger than you

I will not let your words taint me

  I am not your daughter.

This poem is about: 
My family


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