Your beauty.

     Your beauty. I see your beauty

     in the middle

     of the the room, like flowers cropping up

     in the middle

     of a lawn, a road, a dirt desert, garden

     to nowhere.


Your beauty. I see your beauty

    falling, cascading like petals

    in a field, in a room, in a vase,

    a skeletal carcass cascading lips

    like teeth, falling, leading

    to nowhere.


Your beauty. The beauty at the end

    of a road, the beginning of path

    to nowhere,

    marries the end and the beginning, forms


    Möbius strip to love

    and nowhere.


  The love is contained on the outside, external

       atmosphere encloses with glow circle

       of nowhere.

       Hum that glistens, hum that glows,

       opens vestigial path

       to nowhere.


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