I use words to tell the world my thoughts throughout my day,

But the most important words are the ones that I didn`t say.

Ususally, I am not very open about my feelings to another,

so, here`s how I feel about my boy, mother, father, sister and brother. 

He made me feel beautiful and accept myself,

While I neglected to say, "I love you," leaving his heart on a shelf.

She loves me more than I could ever comprehend,

But I love her so that all, I want is to make her proud in the end.

I am his Little Princess no matter my age.

I just hope, he knows, I will always love him regardless of my stage.

She is my little "sunshine on a cloudy day."

I love this little girl more than any words could say.

He is my beautiful and talented little brother,

loved by all and not to be confused with the other.

So, to these people, I say, before I bid adieu...

"I will always love you."


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