Young And In Love

young and in love that's what she was

watching from afar as young couples danced
her lover was too afraid to come so there she was all alone
she craved her lips on hers even though she knew it wouldn't happen
wishing she hadn't said anything
but also not regretting it
little did she know the girl she was in love with was a little insecure
always afraid she would be judged by the world if she came out as gay
but the girl at the dance could careless she just wanted to hold on and never let go
the girl got up and left the dance tired of seeing people happy when she wasn't
she swiftly got into her car and drove
but as she did she also didn't see the truck coming straight at her
but before she could do anything it was too late the truck hit her head on
as the girl was lifted to the hospital her secret lover rushed in screaming and crying
"I want my baby" she screamed as the girl got rolled past her and into the room
as her body went limp all she could think about was how easy it was to lose someone
she even thought about those 8 meaningful letters that slipped from her mouth
but before she knew it
she was at the girls' side whispering those exact same letters
"I love you"

young and in love that's what she was

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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