Young Actress

Sun, 07/10/2016 - 11:22 -- angelkm

Joyful laughter and witty comments are her body
hair shines with intelligence,
sole thick with confidence.
She knows her world and the one before her
Her smile is the sun and her eyes the stars
On the outside.
its torment
Flashes of Colors never seen
Petulent voices gnaw at her brave
Her heart aches
Good is never good enough
She wants to end it but cant give up
Shes trying but no one seems to see her try
Only sees the failures
Never sees the cries.
Never sees the pain of not wanting to wake
Knowing you must
Hoping you wont
Never feel the sting of your dark
While you lie to be light
Doesn't understand why you won't say no
But your body aches to let it all go.
Never knowing you crave to be whole again
The whole you were before your end began
Outside she's put together and calm,
She knows her path and how to keep keeping on
But inside
She has already died
Time and time again.

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