You'll Find Yourself


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What am I looking for?

I have no idea

But I seem to have misplaced it

And to this very day I still can't find it

I looked through all of me

My past, present, and future

Not there

Everywhere I've been, I've searched

Still nowhere

I feel I'm at a place of no return

Nothing to look forward to and nothing to rely on

I have a feeling I'm here for a reason but I haven't found that out yet

I don't know anything

If I don't know the purpose of me then what really is the meaning of my existance?

I still don't know

But there is one thing I do know

Others will realize my purpose only when I am gone\

Because my legacy remains forever

So when I'm truly at a point of no return

Then I'll know what I was here for

Because I can't go back

I've found myself

Now I know


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