You Won't, You Will

You won’t know I’m homeless by looking at me.

You will see my skin clean and my teeth brushed.

You won’t see me in the clothes I wore the day before.

You will see a girl like any other in this school, though

You won’t see me at after school activities.

You will assume I’m not interested in extracurriculars.

You won’t hear me crying in the schools locker room or bathroom,

You will see me at the nurses office in rare occasion needing a band aid or ibuprofen.

You won’t think anything of it.

You will see my car and think nothing of it.

You won’t suspect it is my home, bed, kitchen and living room.

You will often catch me at the gym, swimming pools, laundromats and supermarkets.

You won’t know that this is where I shower.

You will often see me at the park, or my car.

You won’t see me at a local shelter.

You will catch me in the mall sometimes,

You won’t notice that I leave empty handed.

You will assume I didn’t find what I was looking for.

You won’t understand that I survive on high protein food to save money.

You will think that I am perfectly healthy, like everyone else.

You won’t see me picking through garbage.

You will see me like any other student, though

You won’t see my parents at school meetings.

You will guess that they worked too much

You won’t think much of it.

You will just assume I live at home with two or at least one loving parent.

You won’t know I’m homeless by looking at me.



Wow, this is so powerful! This really opens my eyes to how invisible other people's problems can be. Is this real, or hypothetical? Either way, great poem!


If it is real, look up the Family and Youth Services Bureau.



I really find your comments inspiring and loving. Most of my poems are hypothetical; I find a picture or randomly think of a verse and make a poem. I enjoy writing poems that hold meaning and will inspire people. 

Thank you for your comment :)

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