You won't know.

Wed, 08/19/2015 - 19:21 -- Mr. B

I want to look at you and say all the things that are stuck in my throat

I want to say how i feel when i'm close to you and how i just don't wanna leave your side

I want to say how our first kiss become as a hurricane in my head from nothing

I want to say that i regret the second i said i don't wanted you anymore

I want to say i know my feelings and they're screaming out in my head saying "just kiss him!"

I want to say that i love the things you do, even if they seem meaningless sometimes

I want to say that i love when you keep looking at me, and that i feel like the only one woman In the world that really matters, even i knowing it's not the truth

I want to say that i hate when you treat me as anyone

Or when you give your attention for another one

I want to say that yes!, i feel jealous when you hold someone in your safe arms

And i can even say that i feel a little envy

Because i want that arms around me

But i still need say that

I dont know why i feel all this when you are around

But my heart just seems that he's not used to be close to you

He just don't stop jumping in my chest

I don't feel the butterflies on my stomach, but i feel a really big node in my throat

And i still wanting touch you, and tease you, and make you laugh

Even don't knowing if all this that i feel is real

Or if it's just nostalgia

Or if I'm just lonely

But i still need to say

That i'll never show it to you

And you will never know about this

Because i love you too much to involve you in my mess

And see you going away hurt again

Because i just don't want to come back again saying that's all right

When i see you falling down

And the guilt it's all mine.


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