You were...and You are

In a time when all my hopes were dim,

You were the candle that brightened my day.

When my circumstances were all too grim,

You were with me all the way.


When I said I lost and was ready to quit,

You were right there to tell me that I won.

When I said I couldn't make it,

You told me to keep pressing on.


You listened to me and comforted me all the day long

You are my Rock, my sturdy ground.

By myself, I am weak, but You make me strong.

I went astray, but You turned me around.


You carried my broken body and made me whole.

It is only because of You that I am able to fight.

I’ll give you full control of my heart and soul

For You are the only path leading to the light.


Because of You, I won't back down from this battle but will face it.

You have given me strength to win this war.

You have given me the gumption to face this trial and never quit.

For I know You will be with me and I with You forevermore.



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