You Were The Perfect One For Me

I didn’t love you the way a man should love his wife.
And I didn’t appreciate the things you did for me.
You asked me many times if I loved you and I said yes,
But it wasn’t easy to say when I knew I was lying.
I couldn’t show you love because I loved another woman.

You were there for me in my moments of bereavement,
Yet I couldn’t find it in my heart to treat you lovingly.
Nothing was wrong with you; you were a nice person.
It’s just that you weren’t the woman I wanted to marry.
And I didn’t think you were the perfect one for me.

Even though you proved that you had real love for me,
My mind was too preoccupied with her to notice it.
You had all the traits of a loving and capable woman,
But I stupidly preferred someone else to you.
Unfortunately, that was how I viewed things then.

You were beside me in the mornings when I woke up,
But I couldn’t touch you the way you wanted me to.
Sometimes I wished you’d find another man to love you.
I completely failed to measure up to your expectation.
And I regret that I couldn’t reciprocate your love.

Darling, you were so eager to see our marriage succeed.
You did all that was humanly possible to please me.
And you loved me despite the difficult circumstances.
I’m the one to blame; I never tried to improve our sex life.
Now I realise you were the perfect one for me all along.

I was always in a bad mood when you tried to caress me.
Honestly, I became so dissatisfied with the relationship.
But I was still mindful of the marital vows I made to you.
And it didn’t come up in my heart to break them.
I’m not that kind of person despite the wrong things I did.

I bore the pain of knowing how you felt over the years.
Furthermore, my dissatisfaction added to the torment.
It was unwise to neglect the one who really cared for me.
Though I love another woman, I still think about you.
And I know you still love me because I was your first love.

Darling, I’ll never forget the sad day that we separated.
I guess the things I’m saying mean nothing to you.
Words can’t make it up to you for what I put you through.
Now I know that you were the perfect one for me,
But it’s too late to start showing my affection for you.


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