you were always a fan of beauty, but you did not know What beauty Was


That cigarette of yours burned your mind.

Did you ever think about your mother?

How once you left the bathtub red with blood

she would be the one to bleach it back.

How were you so blind?

That boy Jimmy,

the one you always thought would notice if you cut,

he is dating someone new.

Your brother hasnt left his room in days.

He asked me if this was his fault.

I wonder why you were a fan of starving yourself

or of smoking your days away.

Once you said that beauty was in death,

but I dont see how your limp, lifeless body 

could be beautiful.

I hope that you took your narcissistic romanticizing of death

with you.

What did you honestly expect?

This was not even remotely okay for you to do.

Did you know that there were children,

children praying not to be sick?

What a life you could have had,

so much beauty in that life.

Was death worth it?



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