As You Walked Away From Me

When you called and asked me to meet you there,
I thought you wanted to relive the best night of your life
You calmly said you had something to say to me,
Then you hung your head and said you were ending the relationship
My heart burned with grief as you walked away from me

I could not believe that you were breaking up with me
Why did you choose the place where we first met?
The people who stood beside us knew what was going on
And they saw my reaction when you told me goodbye
I reached out to you and called your name as you walked away from me

Baby, if I had known what you were going to say,
I would not have agreed to meet you in a public place
Although the onlookers were staring at me,
I was not too proud to cry and beg you to stay
Tears rolled down my face as you walked away from me


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