You Try Being a Lady

So I heard that you told Bobby who told Ashley

Who told Jason who told Casey who told Ant

Who told Lisa who told Bria…

That you thought I wasn’t a lady?

Why though?

Because I don’t bend at the whim of a man?

Because I don’t just settle for whatever someone thinks I’m worth?

Because I slouch with my legs cocked open when I sit to be comfortable,

As opposed to the stuck up, over confidant broads

Who sit with the right leg hanging over the left with their backs straight like a table?

Or maybe it’s because I refuse to keep my thoughts to myself,

And firing off at me will make me come back at you

Harder than you’ve ever seen a woman come at you.

Whatever the case may be

Your words can never faze me.

Think about what I’m saying

And maybe you could try being a REAL lady.



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