You still remain

Another morning comes, another day has started

Your still not here, my heart is guarded  

Gone so sudden yet so soon

You didn’t deserve to go, my world feels so doomed

Almost a year ago this happened

I still feel it in my chest

The pain so crucial, this was one of the best

I think to your funeral as the rain began to fall

How I thought to myself you didn’t deserve this at all

I feel my face, of course it’s wet

Wet from the tears and guess what’s next

The memories of us,

The trust,

How we play fussed

And all the pain,

It still remains,

As I get myself together I have to remember

You’d want me to pick myself up, NOTHING LESS

Almost a year ago God sent me a test

I wanted you here, I tried to pretend

But I lost you, you were like my best friend

But I push on, past the pain

I think of the rain, and then I remember YOU STILL REMAIN

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