you part 2/one love

Sun, 05/12/2013 - 23:15 -- woodsdm

The taste of your lips always leave me in a trance. Every time we stop I crave for another second because I believe you and I are soul mates.Both are hearts beating at the same time makes me believe that the stars have aligned when we both were born that the gods have stroke the clock at midnight and have given us the lovely curse that we will forever be intertwined.You walking out of my room always gives me aches knowing we never went that far but believing if we did it would never be a mistake.That you will forever and always be my one love knowing that if I lost you there will never be anyone like you.The smell of your skin and the intoxication of your voice always left me yearning for more. How everything you said and everything you did made everyone always want more and more and more. I don't think you'll ever realize you're beautiful gift. You are beautiful and pure and believe the world is always moving nothing is ever ugly or stupid everything is alive and colorful with you I see things I never thought were possible. How sweet and apple taste when first picked off the branch of a tree and how the moon glows forever in the dark sky.You will forever and always be my one love.No one understands me the way you do the way you can easily tell if I'm upset or something recent happening just by looking into my eyes.You're going far in life but you always tell me that I'm going somewhere, somewhere unimaginable to the point where I can't look back.Like you can read my mind and god you're amazing.I believe a love like this will only come with time but somehow you came early for me and the white doves sing me words of you in my dreams.You lack nothing completely and utterly nothing I never knew how flawless a soulful being was until you.


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