You Only Write Once ( My life)


My life so far has been less than what I have expected

My body, mind and soul have been affected

On September 11,2013 Iost my father,

an estranged relationship just got harder

After my parents separated our relationship just faded.

We had plenty of times to reconcile

but neither of us picked up the phone and dialed.

I spoke with his family several times

And as always he appeared to be doing just fine.

On August 31st I received the news, that my father had a heart attack

And most lkely won't pull through.

He basically wasn't alive, he didn't know I was there

I remember screaming God this isn't fair.

On September 10th we pulled the plug

He didn't go quick so I gave him a hug.

After 18 hours of fighting I left to go home,

Nervous about leaving my father alone.

After three hours of sleep

they called and said he was deceased.

The only thought going through my mind

"Sigh he left me and his 6 year old daughter behind"

Some professors understood and did what they could

One profesor did not care

and said the ball is moving with a snare

I dropped his class, I lost so much sleep and one of the classes i needed I passed with a D.

My life so far is sad, but now my sister will grow up too without a dad.






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