For You, For Me, For Them

“I love the Sun,” you said.


The art flowed from your lips

Painting the Sun

And the spirits, dancing and singing

With nothing but euphoric inclinations

The canvas continued to expand its boundaries.


A crater appeared.

Black began to mix in,

Spreading darkness across the skies

Stopping you in your tracks.


“The sun may bring Joy,

But the Moon sees all,” I said.


As the souls disappeared into the depths of the darkness

Only truth was left to become

Just as apparent as the Moon;

Knowing their deepest darkest secrets

Where the Sun cannot reach.


“With Time, the light will shine,” she said.


Lost. Confused.

A path became visible.


Tick. Tock.

The taste of salt.

The sound of water.

Tick. Tock.

The smell of mountain spring.

The touch of rocks.

Tick. Tock.

A ray of light.


“They will sing and dance again,” I said.


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