You but Me

Yes i see what You mean

what You see in me

the qualities so similar to Your own

You see yourself, hidden in the depths of my soul

You see the mistakes You made about to surface

and so You try to scream them into me

without making it seem like You are not letting me learn for myself

I see that You are trying to fix your mistakes through leading me for the perfect life you imagined for Yourself

but I am not You, I am Me

My own person

My own body

My own mind

and My own soul

I may be somewhat like you

but more than that I am first and foremost


I wish I could tell you more

let you in to see My thoughts

so unlike yours

I know you wish to make Me happy

but I am too independantand much too stubborn to allow Myself to be led like cattle

I may be weak now but I will learn

with or without you to guid Me

So like it or not I am more closed to you than you wish

but I will not open My heart

not with words like a whip that try and force Me into someone elses life or fantasy

I will open when I want to

I will reach when my hands are shook loose

I respect you too much to openly disobey

but still I cannot obey what I think you are forcing upon me

I respect you and I love you

but still I can never be you

I can never walk the same path you led

I can never jump into your thoughts and become the you you want yourself to be

because I am not you

I am Me.


This poem is about: 
My family


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