You matter now & forever

Where will you go?The road to the finish line is in front of you,though I can’t help but notice you walking away.You begin to walk backwards,undoing all of your deeds.Then, before my eyes flash, you vanished into dust.Your light can no longer be seen.It has always been night for you.The curtains are always pulled over your eyes.And depression has taken over your life.As much as you don’t want to admit it,it’s killing you.It’s been a tough few years,You’ve given so much to the world and haven’t received as much as a pat on the back Some people have it so good,or so you think.Though every house is full of secrets.And so you struggle constantly,Paint the world black.and the blinds on your eyes begin to burden you so heavily.You don’t think of happiness as something that is close to reach,so, hopeless, you grab at your sadness.It sucks out any potential for you to be content,like a hungry leech.You reach a point where either it’s game over because you crash,or it’s reaching the finish line because with hard ship comes ease. Both outcomes are difficult,but one thing is guaranteed:The light that you carry within you matterseven if you might not realize it now.Allah created you with a purpose.Without your heartbeats,the rhythm of the world is less sound.The finish line awaits you even if you finish last.It’s never too late to turn aroundNothing is impossible.Please, don’t back downbecause it's true... With Hardship comes ease. 

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