You Make me Sick and So Do I

All you are is wonder;

tied up in a bow wth that curling smile,

Sparked when I lean in to 

hear the mumbling seeping from your lips.

You are rolling waves of stylistic happenings,

Ranging from non-chalant to breath-taking.

The way I think of you takes over

my mind and body as if I am sick with the flu,

but I am sick with you.


All I am is nothing

Tied up by my own regrets and over thoughts,

Dulled when I am curled up into myself,

trying to hear what my mouth cannot say.

Unable to admit what you already know

I am forbidden of time and fortune

Ranging from tired to pathetic

The way I think about myself overhwhelms

my mind and body until they deteriorate

and I am sick and alone. 


The unhealthy way i think about you is

nothing like the unhealthy way I think about me



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