You Lied

Sun, 02/23/2014 - 02:06 -- Dicey

You Lied

You Lead Me on

Man I thought I could trust you

Tought there was a reason you asked if I liked you

If I wanted to meet up

I thought maybe just maybe you to

Then you put me on the spot

So I answered and your response?

Hell no, no commitment, no chance, no way!

I would have said nothing.

Just stayed friends

Never encountered the Awakwardness of that day

Now I just feel betrayed, confused, vulnerable.

Regretting the things I said becuase now what?

You know and I know which might be good

But will it stay the same?

I thought I could trust you 

But a 180 really? That's the best anwer I get 

Well sorry I'm me.

Guess that's just not enough

But it will have to be

I choose to be honest with myself and you

So you asked now you know 

What did you expect?

A hell no?


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