You Lied

I'm not a toy

Not just another play thing

I'm out of breath

From chasing you all over


It's been like this

Don't know how to explain it


I'm not a toy

Not another play thing

I've seen a lot

But nothing as messed up as this


I can see that

That, that you lead me on

I ask now

Now, now for how long?


It's been a while since you smiled at me

Those ocean eyes don't have the same gleam

And when they see me

Your whole world is distant


I take a step forward

You take two back

I hand you a flower

You say you'd kill it


You ignore me

You see me on the verge of tears

You seem annoyed

But it's not even been one year


And I belong

With someone better than you

And I belong



'Cause you lied

You stood me up

Made me feel like guessing

You lied

You lead me on

Had me second guessing


I don't know what's going on now

Is there another girl

Or have you just lost interest?

All the questions swirl


I deserve to be

Treated like a queen

But I guess you weren't

Brought up well enough


And now I see you with your music

You isolate yourself from the others

And I guess your friends don't what to do with you

You isolate yourself from the others


Maybe it's because I'm



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