You let my weird bird thing rub off on you


I enjoy flossing in the morning because you said that flossing in the evening is more effective.
I enjoy putting my retainers in after not wearing them for a week so that it is temporarily uncomfortable.
I enjoy thinking about what to say to you in the shower but not actually saying it.
I enjoy thinking about how you will feel when you return to your apartment and walk into your bedroom, only to see the walls lined with my old math homework, postcards that I sent you, and the incense boat that I got you sitting on your desk. I create scenarios in my head that depict different reactions that you may have upon entering this room that is laden in me. You let me infringe on your personal space which you loathed, yet you coated the walls of the most intimate and literal space that you may find yourself in with things that bring your attention to me. I envision you tearing them down in a tear blurred haste, yet I also imagine you leaving them up to look at for months to come until you allow yourself to accept that I am gone.
I will enjoy watching your roommate’s Hulu account when I want to repress thoughts about you.
I will enjoy putting photographs of us in a box labeled “little box of horrors.”
I will enjoy brushing someone else’s hair off of their forehead and coiffing it in the proper manner.
I will enjoy being away from you.




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