You left me a Kiss of Love


You left me a Kiss of Love

            Like a dove

            You lips were smooth

            Fresh and clean

            Coming onto me


            Just above my nose

            A print of heart          

            So you gave

            While the day waddled away


            I felt heaven

            Frozen in time

            As you were mine

            The one of all


            Yet I knew my only line

            “Why can’t you stay”

            A smile you showed

            A hand I hold


            Laughing, splashing, chatting

            Everyone around did

            But you and I

            Only stood


            Eye to eye

            Filled with despair

            Knowing truth

            Of what came next


            But I didn’t care

            Cause you were here

            As you left

            I could only think


            Remembering you

            Beautiful, more so like an angel

            Funny, joyful, happy

            Buy you left me a kiss of love


            And that’s all I could dream of

            Our last day together

            The best

            Yet the worst of many days to come




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