You Just Haven't Found Out


November 22, 2011

You were in tenth grade, I was in seventh.


You went to mom crying, saying you're done,

That life is pointless, you shouldn't have one.


I didn't understand, still don't if I'm honest,

Because I'd never seen you as anything but flawless.


I  know better now, yet that doesn't change

The way I'll always love you and want you to stay.


I've prayed to God, I've begged and I've pleaed,

Yet you always end up making yourself bleed.


You nearly did it once, took pills to give up the ghost,

Why can't you just see that we need you most!


Life means so much, you just haven't found out,

So I'll show you everyday what this world is about.


Every morning I wake up, I'll try my damned hardest

To show you your worth, your skill as an artist.


Your compassion for others, your strength, and your grit.

Just wait and see my dear sister, you'll make it out yet.


So let go of your fear, your anger and doubt.

There is a bright path ahead of you,


You just haven't found out.



This poem is about: 
My family



This is magnificent. 

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