You Died


You’re hiding

I don’t know from what

Maybe you’re hiding from your life
or your dreams


They come and go

You’re trying to figure out
which ones
are worth suffering

In the process
you lost yourself
you let people
who didn’t care for you
use you
control you

you died

on the outside
you were still a fucked up mess
but living the life you were given

on the inside
you were done fighting
battles you were deemed to lose
you sold your soul to the demons
long ago
your reason
has diminished

along with your hope
and fight

you’re shaking now, as if at any moment
you could collapse
Like a newly blind man
you’re living a life in hell
darkness so black, Goths would be jealous
loud booming voices yelling at you, wondering what the fuck went wrong

You can’t get out

This is your home now.


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