You Can't Have a J. Killen Without a K. Shepardson (and vise versa)

Dedicated to my best friend; one of the most incredible people in the world.


You can't have a J Killen without a K Shepardson.

Like cake without frosting,

Still sweet but obviously missing something.

Sherlock Holmes without Watson,

Scooby-Doo without Raggy,

Bonnie without Clyde.

A guitar without an amp,

Coffee without company.

None of those sound right.


I don't know where I would be without you.

My best friend,

Secret keeper, sealer, and believer,

My crying shoulder,

Infinite hugger.


For you, I will always have an extra minute.

Or hour.

Or gallon of gas.

I will drive to find you, even if it does take me the full 7 hours, 494 miles,

(Which it wont cause I'll speed)

I will make it too you.


When they spill resentment towards you,

Whisper secrets about you,

I will cover you.

I will have your back and sometimes your front if you are in a fight,

I'm a lover not a fighter but I'd throw a punch for you.


I will always count on you,

because you can always count on me.

We are a masterpiece in the making,

An intertwining story.

The red string of fate seems to keep us going.

You have been and will always be apart of me.

You put color into the world;

light up dark streets and empty houses.

This road is bumpy and I know I'm beyond lucky

to have you to run along with.


No matter where this story takes us.

No matter what comes our way,

We can fight it together knowing,

We have seen the best and the worst of each other.


This isn't a beggining nor a middle or an end.

Just a promise.

Our race,

A competition between friends.

And when we reach a cross roads,

I have no doubt we will find a new path

Leading right down the middle,

Because I'm never going to lose you to distance

Or the passage of time.

We will stay the same age forever.

Nothing in this world can tear apart what we have found together.

So my friend,

Take my hand and let's get lost together.





Thank you very much for the compliment and advice!

No I don't generally have others proofread my poetry.

I will be the first to admit that many of these poems are completed in the late hours of night or the early hours of morning. So no it doesn't surprise me there are spelling errors.

However, I do make intentional decsions with almost all of my grammar choices. Grammar to me contains many many rules that once you have a good grasp of you are allowed to break nearly all of them (especially when it comes to poetry).

Also, if you see something you question I urge you to please comment! I do not mind explaining why I chose a certain style nor do I mind admitting/confessing an error. I'd rather get it fixed than let it sit and have people to scratching their heads wondering what gobbledegook I'm spewing.

Thanks again for your comment!

Keep Writing,



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