You Are Your Worst Enemy


I wonder, I ponder, I breathe

I let my eyes go blind when dozens of roses come my way

I let ideas challenge the way I think of the circle of eternal energy

I let the gun shoot at me like a tennis machine would do for an athlete

I convince myself of a lie that slowly throws me off of gravity

I pretend I am okay, when honestly I am bruised deeply

I wonder, I ponder I breathe, I want to know why my thirst for control can’t help me

I battle an array of ropes that tugged me in a hole

I tackle the wind that gushes at me, it shrieks I wont win

I am blasted with a tidal wave that silently throws me into a whirlwind that sinks me into a purple pit that seems to not have an ending

I throw the glass and as it shatters I hear the wolves howl my name

I yell, I scream, I stomp my feet, I cry for the Almighty to help me

As I fall on the ground with the morbid roses around me a beam of light flashes upon me

My eyes are burned as if a kettle of boiling tea was thrown

Shadows creeped out of the floor, looking for their next prey, clearly I was next

Then a golden note fell gently unto the ground and it said you’re your own enemy

I wonder, I ponder, I breathe finding out the battle has only been between me, no one else

My desires and pain have come only from me and I finally comprehended the final puzzle piece

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I really like poetry and i hope i am able to win this scholarship :)


So much detail i love this poem

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