You are you.

Are you who you want to be right now?

Not the most perfect you ever but right now.

Are you, right now, the you that you want to be right now?


The you that you are right now 

is exactly the you that you need to be 

right now.


If you want to be a better you later

Then the you that you are right now 

Is telling yourself you want to be better,

So the right now you is right.


The right now you is the perfect you

That you can be right now

To be the best you.


Be the you that you are now.

The you now is just getting started.

The you of tomorrow is on their way

So enjoy the now you and be excited for the tomorrow you.

You can be whatever you that you want to be.


Will the you tomorrow be a better you?

Was the yester-you worse?

You are ever changing and unstoppable.


Be your best you now.

Be your best you tomorrow.

You were your best you then and will continue to be.

The only way to be a wrong you is to not be you.

You cannot be another you so you cannot be the wrong you.

Embrace your ever changing you.


Every you you have been

Or will be is a great you.

You are you

And this you is great.

This you is loved.

This you deserves love.

This you is powerful.

This you is capable of any change.

You are perfect in your ever changing you.

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