you are words if they were a person but i'm a person if it were words


I'm willing to take a risk with you
I've always said I wanted love
I never thought it'd find me
Because I felt so lost
But the way you smile
That makes me smile too
The way you might be scared
But never let it through
The way even though I get mad
You make me wish on every star
That when I open my eyes
You won't be quite as far
And the way I put your arm around me
And you let it find its way
So naturally and comfortably
Like it was meant to stay
And when I took your hand
And held it just a tiny bit too hard
Trying to tell you I wanted it to stay there
And you took it to heart
And how I can walk into your arms
And you welcome me home
And I could breathe you into me
So I won't feel so alone
And when I think I've done something stupid
Because it's a tendency of mine
And you still say you love me
I'm a bit less broken inside
So if you'll just keep on looking at me
Like you're as happy as I am
And if you leave your arm around me
To show you're the only one who can
If you give me more to write about
I'll make a million new words
Because the ones already here
Don't hold the beauty you deserve.


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