dear you,

i'd like to share a story

there was once a caterpillar

she wanted to fly
she was envious of the winged ones

but the branch
she was born on to
was the one thing that was bringing

she knew she couldn’t stay around
she had to grow
even though
she didn’t know how

so within a cocoon she wrapped herself
and stayed there for a while
there were times when wind would blow the shell
didn’t seem like she could go the extra mile

but through the hardships of the forest

she made it through

and outside of the cocoon
awaited her something brand new

she was free to roam
to fly
chase the rays of the sun

she thanked the cocoon
for the help
and went and joined
the winged ones

but what about the cocoon
what happened to him
what happened when the butterfly flew so far away
that her luminosity was too dim

for him to see from the tree branch
stuck in the old way
left behind by the winged one
to decompose
rot away

the cocoon finally served his purpose
he was proud of it
when he saw her flap her wings he genuinely, truly loved it

but then when she had flied past the horizon
he was lost in the world without any help any guidance
on the branch

she no longer had an interest in him
and that was fair
he was placed in her life to help her
get into the air

but even though his job was done
he wanted to be acknowledged

i’m the cocoon
i’m on the branch
and you, my butterfly, are in pursuit of knowledge


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