To You

She sits at the desk.

I don’t know how she can just sit there.

When you fight, isn’t there supposed to be yelling?

All she did was talk quietly.

All I did was sit on the bed and take it.


Flashback Twenty Minutes

I love you’s were exchanged.

I thought I knew what I was saying.

I let her touch me,

In places no one else has.

I thought I loved her.


Flashback Five Months

As we sank into the relationship,

I was happy while in her presence.

Happier than I had been in a long time.

Unaware that it would all come crashing down.

Unaware that my first “I love you” would be meaningless.


She says she never really loved me.

That she thought we were just having fun.

I’ve never felt more exposed.

And I currently have all my clothes on.

Good thing there are two beds in this hotel.


I realize the naivety on my situation.

I know I never really loved her either.

We were just having fun.

I wish that weren’t true.

But I’m happy with her decision.


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